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I am local foods lover but I don't cook and neither my wife. Bak Ku Teh and it's surprising convenient to me, put in the entire inner transparent food bag and boil in hot water for about 10-15 mins. Yes, within 10 mins and that's all I need for a yummy home-cooked Bak Ku Teh (like)! Can't imagine this is a Fozen packed food and no preserves but can store for 1 year in the freezer! I would rate 8/10 points, the balance of 2 points for Sunrise to improve on the pricing and affordable for everyone.
Watercress Soup This exceeded my expectations! With just a simple 10 minutes of preparation, I can enjoy the authentic flavours of this watercress soup. Packed with high quality and fresh ingredients, this is definitely one of the best frozen soups I’ve prepared at home. Very worth the price, and stocks up well in my fridge!


15min Super simplified meal preparation! 

The new “Yummy” frozen Singapore local popular delights!

Sunrise Brand activation at Hao Mart! We are in most of Hao Mart store today!

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